Starline Nigeria Limited is a market Leader in the manufacture of perfumeries, cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, home care products and corrugated/casing materials in Nigeria. Our hard-earned business reputation for excellence is achieved with a world-class workforce. The opportunities for advancement are limitless.

We are constantly seeking business leaders at different levels for our critical and changing roles. We help to nurture and retain them. We look for exceptional people who have an eye for details. At SNL you will go as far as your talents will take you. Your skills and drive to succeed are the only determining factor on how far you will go.

Our career management process allows you to develop a career path that meets both your individual and the Company’s need.


We are an Academy for Learning and Development and creating future pipelines of talents for SNL. As part of efforts to strengthen and develop the nations industrial sector, we are creating lots of employment opportunities for young graduates.

We look to hire across disciplines including Post Graduate, B Eng, BSc, Higher National Diploma (HND), and Ordinary National Diploma (OND).

Our ultimate aim is to have a highly trained and committed workforce to drive our businesses and also to beef up the nation’s industrial manpower needed.

Just like our vision statement states, our goal is to build a Successful Company of Successful People. Our Success will be defined by:

•    How innovative, creative and efficient we are
•    How market driven and customer focused we are
•    The extent of profit we make in the business we operate

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