Starline Group is a market leader in the manufacture of cosmetics, toiletries, home-care products, pharmaceutical products and corrugated/casing materials in Nigeria.

In over 40 years of its existence SNL range of products have become an important need for Nigeria’s growing population. Over seventy products are currently in the market. With an innovative research and development team, the company’s scientific ‘think-tank’ unit responds to the ever changing local and international market trends. The products are distributed locally and along the Sub-Saharan region.

The company’s factories and corporate headquarters are located in Aba and Owwerinta; Abia State. The chief Executive Office of SNL, Mazi Clement I. Owunna MFR, NPOM, who is a pharmacist and a Harvard Business School alumnus summarizes with these words:

“While many companies find themselves facing severe economic crisis, we have managed to fine-tune, grow and improve on the quality of all our activities and products”

A staunch believer in the “PETER PRINCIPLE”, MaziOwunna believes in being futuristic and addressing issues and work ethic as they relate to incompetence. He says: “I believe that a good leader will always leave behind a situation which common sense without the sense of a genius can deal with successfully”. He has a dream of Starline Group that will grow to greater heights.

Starline has maintained an average growth of 30% P.A. in real term; within the past 3 years. In product quality, consistency and integrity, SNL has won the Nigeria Industrial Standard Award and other local and international Awards. In 1985, the Pharmaceutical Company currently named Petsow Laboratories Ltd was founded by Mazi Clement Owunna. The company is approved by NAFDAC and the pharmacist Council of Nigeria to manufacture different pharmaceutical dosage forms such as tablets, Syrups, and Capsules.

Our brands have consistently gained market acceptance in Africa. Petsow has executed different contracts in the past for the PTF and CBN medical clinics. She won the African Gold Award and recognition for her product (Jnr. Starcimol) from the INSTITUTE FOR GOVERNMENT RESEARCH AND LEADERSHIP TECHNOLOGY as the best children fever management drug in 2011 having out performed others in the field in West African sub-region. Early in 2009, Starline Group commissioned a multi million dollar corrugated paper factory at Owerrinta, Abia State, having acquired and modernized the former assets of Smurfit’s Cases. This is the only plant of its kind, serving the whole former Eastern Region comprising 9 states and population of approximately 50 million people.

It is interesting to note that a synergy exist between the cosmetics, plastics and corrugated packaging factories whereby all needed plastics, packaging materials and carton boxes are supplied by the plastics factory and Starline corrugated packaging respectively.

SNL”S Senor Management team is structured in such a way as to give defined functions and level of accountability for each person giving them adequate responsibilities, influence and power to cope with it. The thrust is to position the company and ensure that it moves through the years from a position of strength, innovation, growth and diversification. This will be an integral part of our corporate policy and SNL is well poised to meet the challenges of the future.

Come into a world of products at its finest. Our products are of highest quality.


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